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Thanks John for telling the story on the overcrowding of local jails. We support journalism and hope the desire for some good investigative journalism sticks around for a long time!! #rotarylex

Why the overcrowding? Two reasons. First, thousands of pre trial people. Most of these people can not afford the bail. People in jail that are not even convicted yet. Second, State Prisoners being handled by Local Jails.

On average, Kentucky jails are at 121% capacity. Madison County for instance is over 200%. Inmates sleeping on floors, mold in facilities, and not enough officers to watch everyone (allowing for higher suicide rates).

John Cheves starts out with a story out of Boyd County. Story involved a intoxicated individual sent to jail to sober up but would end of dead after 48 hours. Prison was over crowded and Corrections Officers were abusing the inmates. #rotarylex #overcrowding

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