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Social Media Options

 Watch a replay of our weekly keynote speaker’s presentation on our YouTube channel.

File:Twitter logo.png     Follow our Twitter account (@rotarylexky) during our weekly meetings. To get the make-up credit members must either “re-tweet” ALL of the primary tweets from the program within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to “follow” our account on Twitter and “Subscribe” to our YouTube account.

Simply notify our executive director, [email protected], via email of which option you completed to get credit!


Rotary e-club Option

  Members can make-up a meeting by going to the eclub website and choosing from a number of different topics  they would like to read about that other clubs are involved in.  The website is:


Participation Options

All Rotary functions are considered a meeting! Committee meetings, Rotary community service or a social event!

Are you traveling? Make up at any Rotary club. If you attend another club’s meeting be sure to get a make up card.

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