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Posted on Jun 7, 2019

LEXINGTON, KY – The Rotary Club of Lexington will hold its weekly meeting Thursday, June 13,  at the Red Mile, 1200 Red Mile Road. The program will feature some of the stars for the upcoming Lexington Rodeo June 14 & 15th at Kentucky Horse Park.

Kids, old and young, the Lexington Rodeo 2019 has some new faces, new acts and new voices; and, yes, we have some bulls. That’s right! This year’s rodeo will keep you on the edge of your seat just before you have to slide back to stay in the chair while laughing out loud.

The first thing to remember is that rodeo is unrehearsed. That is not to say it is unplanned. It just means we are dealing with animals and competing humans, and they tend not to stay between the guard rails.

One of our new faces is our new announcer, Roger Mooney. Roger is so generous to take on this extra week of rodeo announcing in this the peak of the season. Roger has been the voice of the Franklin Rodeo for many years, and we have seen him do his magic at that rodeo when we have visited down there. Thank you, Roger, for being the Voice of the Lexington Rodeo 2019.

As most of you know, Chad, our announcer for the last four years, was killed in a tragic accident a few weeks ago. We will miss him. We will collect donations for him at the doors as the fans depart the arena to be sent to his Riata Ranch; Jennifer, his wife; and the Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls, his extended family.

Another new face will be our rodeo clown and barrel man, Dalton Morris. Isn’t that a great rodeo name? Dalton was recommended to us by several of our associates in the business, and he brings a barrel full of talent, humor, courage and fantastic rope tricks. I couldn’t avoid the pun. Dalton and I have already discussed the nights’ festivities and he is all in. In fact, he is bringing his own T-Shirt gun to accompany ours. Yes, we have one too. Look out!

We will have the combined resources of J Bar J and Pickett ProRodeo for our stock and the operation of the rodeo. Cullen and Mandy Pickett will be leading that effort. You may recall that Mandy is the daughter of Sparky Dreesen, who has been with us these last four years. Sparky and Marleen are spending some time with grandchildren this weekend, so they won’t be with us.

Tickets for the rodeo are available



For additional information, or to attend this meeting, please contact Peggy Trafton at 

401 West Main Street • Suite 305 • Lexington, KY 40507 • (859) 389-8100

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