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Feb. 10- Tiffany Brown, Equality and Implemmentation Officer, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government

Posted on Feb 8, 2022

The Rotary Club of Lexington held its weekly meeting Thursday, Feb. 10 ,  via Zoom. The program will featured Tiffany Brown. To attend via Zoom  please email,


One day shy of a year ago, our club heard a report from Mrs. Roszalyn Akins and Mr. Gerald Smith, Co-chairs of Lexington’s Commission for Racial Justice and Equality, on the work of the Commission. The two summarized the 54 recommendations contained in the 68-page report compiled during the work of the commission and talked about next steps Lexington might take to dismantle systemic racism in the community. Subsequently, Mayor Gorton appointed a permanent Commission on Race, Justice and Equality and charged Tiffany Brown, today’s speaker, with implementation of those recommendations.

Having worked in the legal industry and successfully managed community-based reform efforts in Cincinnati, Tiffany Brown has created a reputation as a powerful advocate for equity and racial justice. Her advocacy for the issues for which she advocates is grounded in personal experiences. Her passion and life’s purpose for this work can’t be replicated.

Today, Brown serves as the first Equity and Implementation Officer for the city of Lexington, charged with building out and implementing the recommendations on the mayor’ Commission on Race, Justice and Equality. Prior to this, she advocated for equity through a lens of racial and social justice at the Center for Social Justice at the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio. As a social justice advocate, she believes that it is imperative for community-based reformers and institutional policy makers to work together to achieve sustainable and meaningful solutions.
A true consensus builder and passionate connection maker, Ms. Brown has a talent for communicating to multiple stakeholders and helping synthesize multiple perspectives to come up with a shared vision and set of goals. Her dedication to public service and advocacy, as well as gift for telling the story and narrative of her life’s work in a connected, authentic way that resonates with audiences, is fueled by her own trials and triumphs and the countless stories of people who continue to be unfairly met with systemic barriers.
Brown’s past professional and personal experiences have ignited within her a passion for being intentional in her work and created an unrelenting desire to be an agent of change. She routinely engages in thought leadership and partnerships surrounding her deep commitment to empowering young people to develop their own voice and be their own agents of change.

Ms. Brown grew up in Lexington and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

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